Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America

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About Us

COFA’s Vision and Goal

The vision and goal of COFA is to use God’s great outdoors through hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and other activities, to promote the gospel and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Currently COFA is developing programs to gather men, women, families (which include single parents) together through the great outdoors experience. We want to encourage those involved with COFA to have a personal relationship with the Lord and become involved in a local church.

Can you imagine the impact if each one of us made Jesus real to every hunter, fisherman, hiker or camper that we met out in the woods, waters, or fields? Friend, I will tell you, the only Jesus that most people will ever see is you while you are out hunting, fishing, hiking or camping. It’s the Jesus in you they will see! Think about that! Do you make a difference in today’s world? We as believers should expect others to watch our every move. God wants us to use our gifts, talents and outdoor interests for him. Why not take someone you know hunting, fishing or horseback riding who isn’t involved in church, or needs a friend.

The doors are open for sharing the gospel and the tools are right at your fingertips: the mountains, meadows, lakes, streams, trees, and prairies. God’s handiwork and the beauty of his creation are just waiting for you to share with someone. Let COFA help you make this happen. Invite your family and friends to a COFA event today, and enjoy the great outdoors as God intended.

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