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Bio: Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks

Mike can be found in the mountains pursuing bighorn Sheep, elk or mountain goats with his camera year-round.

“I love to escape to the mountains”, he told me. “I find peace and solace in the hills while getting away from the busy city life. I certainly can reflect on God’s wonderful creation by sitting and overlooking a mountain meadow or sitting by a gurgling brook”.

“It’s not always been this way”, he reflected. “Living back in Wisconsin was tough at times. I used to look forward to deer season each year, I lived for deer season, but life was much more then getting into the woods during November. I had an emptiness that I couldn’t shake. That’s when I realized that hunting could be an incredible ministry if used in the right way. When I first started hunting in Colorado, I knew that inviting others was my ministry to outdoor people. The talk around the campfire was incredible, and guys opened up with things they would have never shared with their wives or friends. Different perspectives were shared and discussed, lives changed. You could see that men wanted to be molded into the image of the Lord. That was exciting to see and hear.”

Mike’s love for outdoor ministry is his life; he sees the need for reaching out to the lost, hurt and hopeless generation through the great outdoors. “I have sat around many a campfire and listened to some incredible stories about how messed up people’s lives are and I have to say that I can relate. I have been there. I have been in the trenches with them emotional and spiritually.” Brooks says that “personal pain can either help you get back on track or scare you away”. One of my jobs in COFA is to be an encourager to those that are broken-hearted and need a friend. I receive many calls from people around the country looking for a friendly ear to listen.”

Can hunting be a good ministry tool? With the success of COFA’s Elkhorn camps, I would say absolutely. We have had many receive and trust in the Lord over the years and are faithfully serving the Lord today.

Mike is involved with (RMOA) Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures Television; he is the creator of the show and helps with the camera work. I love creating and getting out into the field, this keeps me in touch with other outdoor enthusiasts.

Mike is one of the four co-founders of COFA; these four men saw the need to have an organized group of Christian outdoor enthusiasts united in a common cause, there are so many outdoor groups and we need to be united in presenting the gospel to all who get into the fields and waters across this land. I feel that the last great frontier of evangelism is in the outdoors, with over 100 million participants in the woods and waters during the course of a year, how can you not miss bumping into these folks and share the gospel, now if the evangelistic churches across America get involved and start ministries that reach out to the outdoor enthusiast, then we are doing something to reach the lost, its now up to you!

Mike is available to speak to church groups, and men’s ministries. He also presents elk hunting seminars, for additional information you can contact him at

Favorite Verse:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Bio: Scott Glasscock

Scott Glasscock

As a Denver native, experiencing the mountains comes quite naturally to Scott. “I caught my first fish by age two. Nearly every summer included fishing and camping trips, as well as short day trips to the mountains for picnic lunches. Years later, my dad bought his first four-wheel drive, a Chevy K5 Blazer. This added a new dimension to our mountain outings. We would go 4-wheeling and hike to fishing holes. I learned to ski. I bought a mountain bike and, the list goes on. Being in the great outdoors has always been a place of great enjoyment as well as spiritual refreshment to me.”

In Romans 1: 20, the Apostle Paul wrote, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities– his eternal power and divine nature– have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…” This is one of the biggest reasons Scott loves being in the woods so much. It is a place he can see God’s handiwork, and learn something more about who the Creator is.

Scott earned a Bachelors degree in Biology from CSU, and it was at CSU that he heard God calling him to a different path in life of vocational ministry. After he graduated, he worked with Campus Crusade for Christ and then with Mountain Ministries in Dillon, CO. Scott moved back to Denver to attend Denver Seminary. He met his wife at church while leading Singles, Young Adults and Prayer ministries. He graduated with a Masters of Divinity and continued to serve in various aspects of the church with a passion for the outdoors. He was recently certified as a Hunting Guide and now also has a beautiful daughter.

“While working with these ministries, God showed me my own great need to let Him transform me into His image and invite others along on this journey. As a result, I have come to know the great joy of being used by God while growing closer to Him.”

Scott is excited to combine his passions and his calling through COFA in Colorado. “COFA is an organization that is focused on helping the outdoor enthusiast come to know the Creator of all things as the source of life. Not just biological life, but a fulfilling life full of meaning. It is our desire in COFA to create an environment of grace, truth, and time where people may see God more clearly through the outdoor experience.”

Scott is available to speak to church groups, and men’s ministries. For additional information you can contact him at

Bio: George Reinbold

George Reinbold

Be still for a moment. What do you hear? What do you see? What are you thinking about right now? If the world around you is full of bills, work, stress and responsibilities, then it’s time to regroup. Just take a moment and DON’T think about bills, work, stress and responsibilities. Instead, imagine what you could be seeing, hearing and feeling while…riding an ATV along a trail, sitting on a rock outcrop so high up the mountain you can see for miles, quietly canoeing along a river, sitting around a campfire with only the light of the fire and the stars above you, reeling in a beautiful mountain trout or listening to the bugle of a bull elk in the brisk mountain air.

That’s what George said he thinks about when I asked him how he became involved with COFA. As a self proclaimed recovering work-a-holic, George said “if you’re anything like me, you can have full intentions to go fishing, hiking or hunting and still be thinking of things you could be accomplishing at home or at work. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to relax; it’s just that I find it difficult to do so much of the time. Many times it’s a struggle; but, I love what I get to see, hear, feel and experience when I get away.”

In describing his association with COFA, George said “for many years now I’ve had the pleasure to hunt and fish and ride my ATV with others while being able to share the gospel and my faith in Jesus Christ. What a ministry!” COFA has been reaching out to the outdoor enthusiast who would never darken the door of a church; yet, they are usually willing to be a part of one of COFA’s outings in order to enjoy the outdoors. George continued, “These are good people who usually have a misconception of what it means to be a Christian and during the time we are able spend together they not only hear the gospel but hopefully experience what the gospel means to us. In other words, they’re able to see that we “walk the talk”.

While discussing his work-a-holism, he said “I’ve discovered that when I focus on myself, I tend to work more, work harder, and work to accomplish MY goals. But when I place the Lord and His ministry before myself, then I am able to have a peace of mind about getting away.” George’s viewpoint is that there needs to be a balance; a balance of working, playing, and ministering to others. You should hear him speak about being blessed to have witnessed changed lives and hearing people speak openly around a campfire about what Jesus has done for them and their families. “At COFA,” he said, “we hear about people’s struggles and they’re no different from what we all experience. The difference though is that we come along side of them and give them words of hope and encouragement in Jesus Christ.” While conversing with him, you can understand why he speaks about COFA as being “a place of refuge.”

In referring to a church he used to attend during his teenage years, he said “I remember a sign that said ‘a missionary is not someone who goes somewhere to give the gospel, it’s someone who gives the gospel wherever he goes!'” George related that sign to what COFA is all about. He summed everything up by saying “COFA is a link, a ministry, which is standing in the gap between the millions of outdoor enthusiasts and Jesus Christ.”

For additional information you can contact George at

Marty Kasinskas


The seeds of the outdoors were planted early in my life while growing up. As a youth I enjoyed my times fishing and camping. I loved hearing my Dad’s pheasant hunting stories. I will always remember and cherish those stories.

When I grew up and started our family we found comfort in the memories of my youth and looked to the outdoors for our family recreation time. Hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, and camping are only some of the ways we enjoy the outdoors as a family.

I was introduced to C.O.F.A. USA at a Colorado Elk Hunt and my life has not been the same since. I met God and realized His awesomeness on a mountain top.

As a member of C.O.F.A. USA I not only enjoying the outdoors more I am acknowledging the presence and majesty of Our Father God. I am learning what it means to “Know Him More”. In the beginning God created all this so I can know, enjoy and fellowship with Him.

If you want to experience “Real Life in the Outdoors” experience C.O.F.A. Wisconsin. Please call State Director Marty Kasinskas at 715.816.4648 or e-mail him for more information.