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COFA Kids Turkey Shoot

COFA’s members believe in passing to the next generations our values, skills, and pastimes. A Turkey Shoot is a great way to do all three at the same time.
Kids ages 8-15 will have an opportunity to use a B.B. gun on paper targets to win great prizes, including a frozen turkey (must be present to win). Other activities include a climbing wall, archery, outdoor education experiences, and more!!
For questions or directions please call Mike at 303-880-9878. For directions see the Colorado Adventure Point website at

Next Turkey Shoot: Saturday, November 9, 2019

From 9am to 1pm
Location: Colorado Adventure Point – 10455 W 6th Ave. #150 Denver, CO 80215.

BB Gun Waiver Form
COFA Interest Sheet

Turkey Shoot participants need to fill out the waiver. If you’d like to learn more about the kinds of events COFA offers, download the Interest Sheet.

Want to donate to help with the Turkey Shoot?

The history of the COFA Kids’ Free Turkey Shoot

While watching a movie based on the life story of Sergeant Alvin York a World War 1 congressional medal (CMH) honor winner, there was a part in the movie where Alvin was in a turkey shoot as a young man. The turkey shoot took place in the hills of Tennessee. Several COFA members have seen this movie and we thought it looked like great event for our Kids’. COFA’s free Kids’ Turkey Shoot is for boys and girls from 8 to 15 years of age. We at COFA want an event that is fun for Kids’ and a learning experience for them as well.

We’re Growing!

This year we are planning to host 300 Kids’ shooting, with 200+ parents attending. COFA’s Kids’ Turkey Shoot event is growing to other states as well. We have COFA Kids’ Turkey Shoots in Wisconsin, and are planning on several other states next year.

  • 8 Kids’ at first year Kids’ Turkey Shoot – in Evergreen
  • 18 Kids’ at second year Kids’ Turkey Shoot – in Evergreen
  • 150 Kids’ at third year Kids’ Turkey Shoot – in Conifer
  • 173 Kids’ at fourth year Kids’ Turkey Shoot – in Conifer
  • 300 Kids’ expected at fifth year Kids’ Turkey Shoot – in Lakewood
  • 500 Kids’ expected at sixth year Kids’ Turkey Shoot – Denver area
  • …this is not including parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, friends

How it Works


These kids will shoot a designated amount of BB’s at turkey paper targets to see if they can win a frozen turkey. The scorers will add up total amount of hits near bullseye to determine the winner. Boys and girls are put into age brackets of (8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15). COFA provides the BB guns so everyone has a fair chance at shooting. We don’t allow personal BB guns…just COFA’s!

Why We Do It

One of the purposes of the Kids’ Turkey Shoot is to get them involved in the outdoors and away from sitting on the couch playing with their electronics. Our kids today for the most part have no clue how much fun it can be doing great fun things in the outdoors. That’s what COFA does so well, it help families and individuals connect with each while doing activities in the outdoors, like Camping, fishing, ATVing, Hunting, Hiking, Biking, etc. Through COFA’s events like the Kids’ Turkey Shoot, fathers and sons reconnect and build their relationship with each other. Same with mothers and daughters…they reconnect as well. COFA’s ministry is to get families involved with each other while bonding through healthy events. The testimonies we have from families who attend COFA events and how it has changed the dynamics of their family are amazing stories.

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Get Involved

If you’re interested in sponsoring an ad, or in becoming a major sponsor, contact Mike Brooks at 303-456-0555, or George Reinbold at 303-880-9878.

  • Quarter page ad $50 (business card)
  • Half page ad $75
  • Full page ad $115
  • Full page inside front cover page $200
  • Full Page inside back cover page $ 200
  • 4 major sponsors at $500 full page ad and sponsor table
  • 2 banner sponsors $750 full page ad, sponsor table, banners and presenter of frozen turkey with mention of sponsorship
  • 1 Gold sponsor $1,500 2 full page ads, sponsor table first visible to entrance, banner ad, an ad on the COFA sponsor page and business mention for being Gold sponsor at closing of event.


Location of COFA’s Free Kids’ Turkey Shoot: Colorado Adventure Point 10455 W 6th Ave. #150 Denver, CO 80215.

Leather Craft.

Leather Crafts!

There will be Rock Climbing Wall for the kids.

There will be Rock Climbing Wall for the kids.

There will be Archery for the kids.

Archery for the kids.

There will be a concession stand with plenty of great food and beverages.
Visit the sponsor’s tables and meet some great people!