Growing up, my Dad took every opportunity to make sure we, as a family, could enjoy the outdoors. Every summer, we would take vacations that included camping, fishing, water skiing, boating, and just spending time outdoors. My favorite memories include camping/fishing with other families and going on excursions with our friends. It was a wonderful time of family togetherness and fellowship.


After I graduated high school, my Dad acquired a deer lease in West Texas for hunting. I helped him build a small cabin on the lease so we had a great place to stay during hunting trips. Our first hunting trip out there, the first time I pulled the trigger, I shot the head off a turkey at 100 yards. How lucky is that!!! I was shocked and hooked. I enjoyed the thrill of seeing game at a distance, holding my rifle, finger on the trigger, remaining calm and steady, and taking a shot. What a rush!


I had always been strong in my faith as we attended church as a family every Sunday. Even though we moved frequently when I was a kid, we always managed to find a great church and I developed great friendships.


Once I started college, life took over. I became absorbed with my studies, graduation, and starting a new career in Information Technology. My longing for the outdoors never wavered but became a lucid dream. Also, I found myself spending less and less time on my faith and my walk with the Lord. I became lost.


I got to the point that I was just going through the motions. Praying on occasion, but not engaged. My life became more and more difficult. I was making my own decisions, I thought I knew what was best. I tried to do everything on my own. And now I know that I was lost. I became a workaholic.


I stumbled across COFA. But now I know God led me to COFA. I attended a COFA monthly breakfast and then went on a COFA ATV event. What an incredible group of people! Then I decided to travel to Minnesota for COFA Fish Camp. Over the course of 5 days, I felt completely transformed. I felt like I had a reunion with the Lord and so many doors began to open. I felt my burdens lifted. What a sense of peace! It led me to renew my faith and get my journey back on track! What a blessing! Now I involve God in every decision. When I am faced with challenges, I turn it over to the Lord and he sends me on the right path. My life has started falling into place. I am feeling whole again. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.


What about you? Are you ready to renew your faith while enjoying the outdoors? Call me, I’d love to chat. I’d love to tell you what God has done for me.