I have been involved in COFA for a few years now and really enjoy what we have to offer.  Where else can you experience God’s Glory and Majesty and also share it with others?


Growing up in Michigan and then living in Colorado, my appreciation for the outdoors began at a young age.  From shooting BB guns and rowing inflatable boats with friends, fishing  when I can find a waterhole (More like drowning worms), to hiking in the wonders of the Colorado Rockies, I continue to get outside as often as possible.  I also have added to my passions by recently attempting hunting with COFA in beautiful Ridgway, CO.


My Christian faith has always been with me, but I haven’t always been close to the Lord.  Like many, I drifted and then came closer depending on the circumstances in my life but it was me moving, Jesus has consistently been there.


Due to a work relocation, my family spent a number of years in Illinois before returning to Colorado, which I think of as Heaven on Earth.  Contrary to my perceptions going in, Illinois does have some things to offer.  In addition to living in a town which provided a great education for our children, there were two churches that had a profound impact on my life.


Christ Community church showed me that, even though I was baptized as an infant, being baptized as an adult provides an outward sign of my love and devotion to the Lord.  I also discovered that a study group is essential to growing my faith.  Matter of fact, I am still in the Men’s Bible study group which I joined in 2006 even though I am now living 1,000 miles away!


Chapelstreet Church was where I  expanded my walk with the Lord, joining a small group with my wife and deepening my understanding that as a sinner, I do not deserve Heaven.  Even one sin disqualifies me but Jesus saved me and everyone, by dying on the cross and paying for each and every sin!  I also became more involved in volunteering by performing technical duties, helping the production of the church service.


Now that I am back in Colorado, I jumped at the opportunity to join attend COFA events with my high school friend, Scott Glasscock.  After a few events, I offered to help with the COFA website and other tech stuff and the rest is history!  In addition to the website, I manage the Twitter and Eventbrite accounts.


My day job is managing an information security risk assessment team at a large, global, financial services company.  I am thrilled to be able to assist COFA in it’s mission by applying my technical skills where needed.


Please reach out to me at JonS@cofausa.org to talk about anything.


Jon Snurka

Director of Technology