As a self proclaimed recovering work-a-holic, George said “if you’re anything like me, you can have full intentions to go fishing, hiking or hunting and still be thinking of things you could be accomplishing at home or at work.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to relax; it’s just that I find it difficult to do so much of the time.  Many times it’s a struggle; but, I love what I get to see, hear, feel and experience when I get away.”


In describing his association with COFA, George said “for many years now I’ve had the pleasure to hunt and fish and ride my ATV with others while being able to share the gospel and my faith in Jesus Christ.  What a ministry!” COFA has been reaching out to the outdoor enthusiast who would never darken the door of a church; yet, they are usually willing to be a part of one of COFA’s outings in order to enjoy the outdoors.  George continued, “These are good people who usually have a misconception of what it means to be a Christian and during the time we are able spend together they not only hear the gospel but hopefully experience what the gospel means to us.  In other words, they’re able to see that we “walk the talk”.


While discussing his work-a-holism, he said “I’ve discovered that when I focus on myself, I tend to work more, work harder, and work to accomplish MY goals.  But when I place the Lord and His ministry before myself, then I am able to have a peace of mind about getting away.”  George’s viewpoint is that there needs to be a balance; a balance of working, playing, and ministering to others.  You should hear him speak about being blessed to have witnessed changed lives and hearing people speak openly around a campfire about what Jesus has done for them and their families.  “At COFA,” he said, “we hear about people’s struggles and they’re no different from what we all experience.  The difference though is that we come along side of them and give them words of hope and encouragement in Jesus Christ.”  While conversing with him, you can understand why he speaks about COFA as being “a place of refuge.”


In referring to a church he used to attend during his teenage years, he said “I remember a sign that said ‘a missionary is not someone who goes somewhere to give the gospel, it’s someone who gives the gospel wherever he goes!'”  George related that sign to what COFA is all about.  He summed everything up by saying “COFA is a link, a ministry, which is standing in the gap between the millions of outdoor enthusiasts and Jesus Christ.”


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