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COFA's goal is to reach out to the 149 million outdoor enthusiasts across North America, one person at a time. You can help by giving COFA the tools needed to reach out to more men, women, and children.

Current Needs for the Continuing Operation of COFA

COFA has many day to day needs that can be met with your help. Below are some of the different areas of this ministry and their individual needs. If you are able to help with these needs, please contact Mike Brooks at or 303-456-0555. Continue to check back periodically as this list changes from time to time.

We would like to thank you in advance for helping to provide these donations that will help us reach the millions of unchurched outdoor enthusiasts in a big way. Our pledge to you is this: COFA will handle your donations with the utmost care and stewardship before the Lord.


1 Enclosed Travel Trailer (12’-16’)
2 Outhouse tents
5 GPS units (Garmin Rino series with built in radio preferred)
Heavy duty tarps (medium and large)
1 1800 watt solar generator
5 new BB guns (Daisy pump action type)


5 Cots
5 Sleeping bags (0* or colder rating)
30# and 40# propane tanks
2 Propane heaters (80k B.T.U. or better)
Large tents 10 persons or better


4 Spin casting rods and reels
Spin tackle
5 Fly rods (6 wt.) with reels and line
5 Fish nets


Ring style targets
Silhouette targets
Turkey targets
Sight-in targets
2 Archery targets (3D or standard)
2 Spotting scopes


16 Ratcheting straps (for trailering ATVs)
Tire repair kit
4 adult size helmets with face guard
Adult motorcycle type eye goggles
ATV’s in good working condition

Land/ Property

Permission to use land for activities, hunts, hikes, or fishing.

Trucks in good working condition

COFA trusts Paypal to take your donations. You can use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express Card, Discover Card, or your bank or Paypal account. You don't need a Paypal account to give to COFA...just click the button and tell Paypal how you'd like to give. It's easy!

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