COFA's Hunter Safety Conclusion course is very popular.

When  registering, please keep in mind that you MUST complete the Colorado Parks and Wildlife approved online course.

  • Completing the registration on this COFA website will register you for the conclusion course.
  • The $10 Fee is not refundable.  Please be sure you will be able to attend the course prior to registering
Please note, a PayPal account is NOT Required. Just select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" rather than logging into a Paypal account.  

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We require your phone number in case of schedule changes. We will not sell or share your information.
You will have a Colorado CID number if you have ever purchased a hunting or fishing license in Colorado. Please enter it, if you have one, to expedite processing. This 9-digit number is on your license. Thank you!
Birthdate is required for the issuance of a Hunter Safety Education card and not used for any other purpose.
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