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Date Change! Join us Saturday May 28th for our Monthly Off-Road Ride



Due to potential snow fall on May 21th, the ride will be on May 28th.

Meet up 8:30am.

Jeeps, UTVs (Side by Side), ATVs and dirt bikes are welcome.
CB radios will be used to keep the communication between the leading vehicle and the last vehicle.
We will have stops along the route to re-group and have a good time.


Those looking for an accessible introduction to the Colorado Front Range will find it in this road built in the 1930s. The well-known and relatively well-maintained trail runs through 60 miles of Pike National Forest. Rampart Range isn't just a road name either, it's the name of the Front Range south of US 85, and this road runs almost the entire length of the mountain range.image-20220515101253-1.jpeg The southern end has the most to see in terms of views and is the smoother portion of the drive.


There are many turnoffs, large parking areas, and small pull-offs where you can stop to take pictures on the Garden of the Gods end of the trail. The views of Pike’s Peak from this end of the trail are amazing.


The road was built as part of the government’s efforts to get out of The Great Depression by the Civil Conservation Corps. A marker stone exists and is a Waypoint along the trail. There used to be two marker stones, but one has been damaged and is gone except for its quartz base. The marker stone that is still intact indicates its opening and completion, 1933.




If you're bringing your own Off-Road vehicle, make sure that it's in good working condition.  Check the fluids and/or have your mechanic look your vehicle over.  COFA strongly recommends that you have insurance on your own vehicle.  You never know what may happen and it's best to be protected.



COFA is an All-Volunteer organization and is a designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation of $25 per vehicle provides for COFA's ministry and outreach programs including youth, men, women and family.  We greatly appreciate your financial assistance!image-20220515101957-3.jpeg


If you have questions, contact Wilson at 720-588-9707 or Mike at 303.880.9878. We can tell you what gear to bring, what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.


Registration is required in order to receive meet up location and ride details which will be sent via email.


May 28th, 2022 from  8:30 AM to  3:00 PM
Event Donation
Event Donation per vehicle $25.00