The seeds of the outdoors were planted early in my life while growing up.  As a youth I enjoyed my times fishing and camping.  I loved hearing my Dad’s pheasant hunting stories.  I will always remember and cherish those stories.

When I grew up and started our family we found comfort in the memories of my youth and looked to the outdoors for our family recreation time.  Hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, and camping are only some of the ways we enjoy the outdoors as a family.

I was introduced to C.O.F.A. USA at a Colorado Elk Hunt and my life has not been the same since.  I met God and realized His awesomeness on a mountain top.

As a member of C.O.F.A. USA I not only enjoying the outdoors more I am acknowledging the presence and majesty of Our Father God.  I am learning what it means to “Know Him More”.  In the beginning God created all this so I can know, enjoy and fellowship with Him.

If you want to experience “Real Life in the Outdoors” experience C.O.F.A. Wisconsin.  Please call State Director Marty Kasinskas at 715.816.4648 or e-mail him for more information.