Finding God on a mountain..

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Finding God on a mountain..

Postby Dozin_Dan » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:29 pm

I am currently on a family trip in WA/ OR. Enjoying the Cascades and Blue Mountains. We embarked the journey via train from MN. Prior to boarding I was walking the train station where I found a book. It said take me, read me, and share me. The book was "The Shack". Part of the book takes place in the area we have been camping and fishing in.???? I have been reading it and it has brought some things to my mind. I have not always realized that we can have a personal relationship with our Creator, Saviour, and His Spirit which dwells among us. This trip has had a lot of "Hey I have been here before" moments, from dreams mostly. Somethings have been revealed to me, you know areas where I must change. So I must listen for God has been preparing me for something, I still no not what it is, but I have had the most wonderful experiences, and drawn closer to Him this past 10 days. The mountain streams filled with 3+ pound rainbows fed us physically, but His Spirit and "chance" meetings of people I feel were orchestrated. Mike said it might be like a 2x4 hitting me when I know, but I think He is simmering me like a good stew. God Bless you all and anchor into His word.
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Postby milehiscott » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:45 pm

You're about the 20th person that has mentioned that book. I guess I should get around to taking it off the shelf and reading it.

Are you going to make it out for Elk this year?

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