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Postby TRMichels » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:04 pm

One of my magazine editors asked me to find him some articles from my readers, to publish in his magazine. As a staff writer for one of those magazines, I already have an elk article and a whitetail article in every issue of one of those magazines.

If you have an interesting deer or elk hunting story, or have taken a whitetail over 150 inches, or an elk over 250 inches - write a story of about 1500 words on your hunting experience. If your story is good enough, I will edit it, and possibly add some more information to it after I contact you – and I'll submit it to one of the magazines I write for.

The story cannot have been published in any other publication; because most publishers want what is referred to as "First Time North American Serial Rights" ("serial" means magazine or newspaper etc). We also need to make it clear to them that they will not get "Exclusive Rights", meaning you can never sell the article again, we will only give them "One Time Rights", meaning they can only publish it once, and we can sell it again. And we will not give them “Electronic Rights”, meaning on a CD or website, File Sharing etc.

If your story is accepted I'll split the payment with you. It will usually amount to about $100 to $150 for you. If you have really good large photos, they may pay for those too. And they are almost essential to selling a story to a magazine.

But, I need them quick, they need some for February. That gives you time to go out, kill a record book buck or bull, write the story, send it to me, and make some late "Christmas money".

If you are interested - E-mail your article to me at TRMichels@yahoo.com.

God bless,

T.R. Michels
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