Its not if it's when

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Its not if it's when

Postby DaveHawk » Tue May 08, 2012 10:22 am

Now I have a bit of memory back : sooner or later it was bound to happen About 16 days ago I went to a friends 60th BD party. It was in an area I never been to. @ 9 pm it was time for me to head home and get some sleep for turkey hunting in the morning. Walked out of the club located on A back country rd. Drove down the driveway and I thought I was turning onto the main street leading out. I wasn't. I was doing about 20 mph on new blacktop when I came up on a unmarked "T" section in the road. So basically all I can remember is oh crap turn ! I turned and hit the front break. Now if I had not laid the bike down on the other side of the road was about a a 30' drop off. So a panel truck came by the driver started yelling at me to lay still and don't move. Ambulance showed up, half the people from the party showed up. No neck problems, helmet had no cracks so a media-vac ride to Baltimore was not necessary. By 945 I was in the ER, exrayed all the other good stuff done. I was in extreme pain with 2 broken ribs in the back. By 230 am wife and I were heading home. Now its been a little over a week, pain has fallen off by 50% so I decided to Visit East Side chop shop and meet Bobby the owner and I really like the guy. He will be repairing/restoring my bike plus putting a new paint job on the bike. Cadillac's new Black Diamond. If you have not seen the color , next time you see the new black caddy take a look , it's cool ! Got about 3 till it's ready. This is a good thing... I need the rest
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