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Postby JAMMER01 » Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:29 am

Can any body tell me the expected mushroom size and weight retention
that i can expect,from 180gr. Original.nosler partition's :?: :?: . They are loaded to about 3000 F.P.S. For my .300 WIN.MAG. Has anybody used
them on ELK,BEAR,MULE DEER :?: :?:, And with what sucess :?: :?:

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Postby PJGunner » Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:18 pm

I've got a few of those early Nosler bullets in .338 caliber but have not shot them in anything yet.
Now the question is are these the real early ones that have the marks on the jacket that show that the jackets were lathe turned? This is the type I have.
Supposedly, they have a reputation of the nose portion blowing of the bullet in some of the lots when Nosler had difficulty getting the copper rod material used to make the jackets. This is one of the easons Nosler went to their current method of making bullets. The nose would literally disintegrate and the rear half would punch on through leaving only a caliber sized hole.
I would really have to hunt for the article in IIRC, Handloader Magazine that the late Bob Hagel wrote at the time Nosler made the change. For that reason, more than anything else, I've relegated those bullets to "collectors" status rather than take a chance they might be from one of the bad batches. I guess the only way to really find out is try them on game and see if they work. I have enough of the newer type that I just do not want to take the gamble of wounding and losing a game animal.
FWIW, my favorite bullet for the .300 Win. Mag. is the Nosler 200 gr. Partition or the 200 gr. Speer Hot-Core. I did drop a cow elk at 30 yards laser measured with my .300 Mag. using the Hot-Core bullet. My rifle is set up to put either the Nosler or Speer bullet to the same point of impact at 100 yards and all shots are at MOA all the way to 500 meters. I run practice in the offhand to 100 yards an from sitting or kneeling out to 500 meters well before the season starts. I won't give the load for two reasons. One, it's well over anything in any of the manuals and two, the powder used is no longer availble to the general public. :cry: :cry: I'm lucky enough to have a goodly supply
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