44 mag handloads?

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44 mag handloads?

Postby Bill » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:52 am

Whats the best 44 mag loads in a Ruger 5 1/2in barrel for Big Game hunting at 50yds?

Big Game as in Cow Elk, and Bear
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Postby Fourthwind » Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:10 pm

I would run a 200 grain at about 1500 FPS. Plenty of speed for penetration, and it will give you a little over 700 pounds of energy at 50 yards which is technically legal. Only problem with that is the exact quote from the regs here in CO is "Must use a cartridge or load that produces min. energy of 550-ft. lbs. at 50 yds. as rated by manufacturer." As this is written it would tell me legally you would have to be using factory ammo to hunt with. I doubt any DWM would persue that unless he found a critter shot by you and the round didn't do the job. Of course we could argue that we are the manufacture and we rated it as legal. I would hate to have to spend the money in court to prove it.
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Postby PJGunner » Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:59 pm

I would go 24.0 gr. of W-296 with a 250 gr. Keith type semiwadcutter. It's a bit vicious at both ends in the lighter weight. I judge it not suitable for S&W M29 and 629. Just ask me how I know that. I loosened up a 629 in 250 rounds, twice. :oops: rebuilds get expensive. The load has worked with no problem in either my old model Ruger Blackhawk, OM Super Blackhawk, two NM Super Blackhawks and is a pussycat (almost) in two Ruger Redhawks. barrel lengths range from 4 5/8" to 7.5"
The load I prefer for the Redhawks is a 310 gr. Keith style SWC over 20.0 gr. of W-296. be advised that you need a higher front sight as the load shoots about 7" high at 25 yards.
Elmer's old load of 22.0 gr. of #2400 has been reduced to 20.0 gr. in most, if not all the manuals. I'm thinking it's because it probably loosened up a few 29s and 629s, just as my 296 load did mine. All the loads mentioned have shot well in my guns, but be advised, that are either right close to maximum or right at maximum. I'd hunt with whatever one my gun likes best.
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