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reload intro preview...

Postby silvertip » Thu Apr 24, 2008 7:00 pm is a sneak preview...I am getting pics together... it is coming out good...Smokewagon and myself are working on putting a quality package in place...the first installment is done...the second is getting wrapped up...below is just the warm up...lots of good solid info...

click on the link to see a preview of the slide show too !

COFA's basic guidelines to Centerfire Reloading & Metallic Cartridge saftey

The history of the Rifle cartridge goes back to the mid 19th century. It was a way to standardize loads and rounds for military and hunting uses, and it started the evolution of modern firearms we all take for granted today... Black powder was the original charge, just like the component used in primitive firearms least the "truly" primitive ones...for example the old "stand by" 30/30 meant a 30 caliber bullet charged with 30 grains of black powder...the 45/70 a 45 cal with 70 grains etc...When we participate in the reloading process we are really going back in time a bit...and for sure there is no better way to insure the best quality and performance for our personal shooting and hunting...not to mention the personal satisfaction of being a part of the equation...

The COFA staff's intention in putting this series of article's together is to help a few different category's of participants. Of course the novice who wants to get a basic understanding of this pursuit, but also to help fine tune the skills of folks already would be surprised as to how many people have been doing things a long while and are involved in a dangerous activity or practice..."Wisdom comes from the abundance of good council" directly applies here...Our goal is after being a part of the program,is that anyone willing to follow the guidelines laid out here can enjoy this great pastime ...We are going to avoid the areas that are more prone to the full on experts here...there are other forums for that...The focus will be on Safety first...and then "tried and true" techniques...and some definitions on equipment and components...there is a question and answer forum area for anyone that wants more specific answers about any of the content here...but it is not an open forum to discuss anything else...and not intended for injections of contrary opinions...there are other area's for that on the COFA reloading forum... thanks, and we hope this series will be informative for you...I feel very confident that your own level of reloading or basic participation will be enhanced by these articles...all the best...ted

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