How time chnages perspective

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How time chnages perspective

Postby TRMichels » Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:43 pm

I've had chnign perspective so many Bible verses and passages over the years, but none so clearly as soem in revelation. I recently contracted MRSA, a staff infection of the skin, and it sounds exacly like the sores in Revelation. Little bitty boils, that absolutely burn, all the time. They are very painful. messy too.

And who wouls have ever thought that we would have an oil spill hundreds of feet below the ocean, that would ruin the flora nd fauna of the Gulf Coast, and affect the lives of so many people? Remidn you of scenes in Revelation about polluted oceans?

Both of these issues are brought about by the grwoing knowledge of man, in whcih we3 use great advances in technology (medicine, drilling) to aler the course of nature.

No wonder Yahweh has to destory it and start all over again. it is a pretty sick planet. WE need to care about nature, and take care of it, not just use it.

And then there is MN"s own legislator Michell Bachman, who does not think we should blame BP for the spill, or make them clean it up. What the heck? They caused it, with what appears to be unsound pracites and shoddy workmanship, and we are sup;posed to let them off the hook? I'll bet she is not re-elected by outdoorsman.

God bless,

T.R. Michels
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Postby Jeremie76 » Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:46 am

I don't think we should blame BP either. The people I talk with do not think this was an accident. Catastrophe's are created to further an agenda.
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