God, Nature & Serpents.

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God, Nature & Serpents.

Postby mortensen » Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:38 am


Let's take snakes and lizards and begin with snakes. Would it be fair to say that snakes evolved from lizards? No, contrary to what the evolution theory states there is no evidence to support this theory and there is no fossil evidence to support this assertion as the evolution people continually ignore the lack of evidence. Plain and simple, God created all living things.
Can snakes hear? And the unanimous response is; 'of course they can't silly, they have no ears! But the Bible says they can! Science has always led us to believe that they could not hear and have gone to great lengths to show the Bible isn't scientifically accurate, and some compromising Christians who say passages in Genesis shouldn't be considered scientifically accurate have pointed to this passage as an example to show that the Bible shouldn't be taken 'literally'. Is the Bible wrong? Or are the scientists?
Recent research has now shown that snakes do hear. Their quadrate bones (in the jaw) move slightly in response to vibrations and transmit this to a pair of inner ears. And it's been shown snakes respond to both airborn and ground vibrations. In fact, the auditory response of snakes in the range of 200 to 300 Hz is superior to that of cats.
As Christians we should always start from Scripture because the Bible reveals itself as the infalliable Word of the One that cannot lie. It can't be wrong. When someone says the Bible can't be trusted, remember that scientists now know that snakes can hear, and never lay down you belief in God's Word! Science changes all the time, God's word never does.

Many creatures that lived in the enviroment before Noah's flood seemed to reach huge sizes. Fossils of gigantic monitors have been discovered that show that today's isolated colonies have come from much larger and more wide-ranging monitors of earlier times. Fossils of Varanus, the lizard group to which Komodo Dragons belong, have been found in Australia measuring an incredible nine meters (30 feet) long! Yet these fossils give no indication that the giant reptiles evolved from any other type of creature and indisputable proof that reptiles did not evolve from non-reptiles.
The Komodo Dragon is a pretty aggressive and carries a body full of bacteria. Much of his diet comes from other dead animals that may have been dead for days or even weeks. The quanity of bacteria this lizard digests has mystified doctors and scientists for years. Even if the Komodo Dragon should brush against your flesh, it could possibly make you extremely ill or even kill you if not treated. They can run fairly fast, good swimmers, have bone-crushing jaws, and are known for using their tail to knock their prey down. They can easily be over ten feet long and weigh over 300 pounds. This king size monitor lizard is now considered a endangered species. However, if you could go hunting this dragon, and on the bright side, it should be conforting for you to know that you won't have to go looking for him... he'll find you!

Komodo Dragon:

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