Coyote Notes

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Coyote Notes

Postby Woody Mortensen » Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:03 pm

Coyote Notes:

Indian Folklore.

One day a feather fell from the sky.
An eagle saw it.
A deer heard it fall.
A bear later smelled it.
Only the coyote saw, heard and smelled that feather all at the same time.

Coyote's can locate the direction of a sound to within one degree at any distance from which the coyote can hear it. For example, at one mile, the coyote knows where the sound is coming from to within 90 feet. At 100 yards, the coyote can pinpoint the sound to within five feet.
Few other critters are blessed with better senses than 'Ol Wily coyote.

All dogs are decendents of the wolf which includes the coyote. They all share the same DNA and can interbreed with domestic dogs. Coyotes and wolves mate for life (that's re-freshing), and have been known to mourn the loss of their mate. With the decimation of the larger predators, the wolf, mountain lion, and bear, the coyote has evolved to be a super predator. The coyote has only one major predator, and that being the wolf. Yellow Stone National Park was once over-run by coyotes. A few years ago the park re-introduced the wolf and now the coyote population is kept in check, as nature intended. Government and private studies have illustrated that any coyote control will usually cause the coyote population to boom with larger liters, higher survival rate, and they also increase their range.

Coyote predation on farmers livestock has demonstrated that coyotes will generally avoid domestic livestock as they find it risky as livestock is under human control. However there has been and always will be the exception, and you must take into consideration the percentage of coyotes in the vicinity of farm land and livestock. The only loss to farmers and ranchers by coyote's has been less than 2 % based on government stastics. You can take all the coyote incidents of killing or injuries to livestock and domestic pets and they would make a tiny, tiny fraction compared to attacks on humans (including children) and domestic pets made by pitbulls.

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