Coyote Notes.

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Coyote Notes.

Postby Woody Mortensen » Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:40 am

Coyote Notes:

With the decimation of the larger predators, the wolf, mountain lion, and bear, the coyote has evolved to be a super predator. The coyote has only two predators and that being the wolf and the mountain lion. Yellowstone National Park was once over-run by coyote's a few years back. The Park re-introduced the wolf and the coyote population is now kept in check.

Many studies point to the futility of attempting to reduce coyote numbers by killing coyotes by hunters. The coyotes simply respond with a heavier mortality by increasing their litter sizes and breeding more and at earlier ages. In one study, before 'control', coyotes had 3-4 pups per litter and only 32% of the females bred. After control started, 90% of the females were breeding and the litter size doubled. This is called 'density dependent reproduction' and is one reason why coyotes have not only survived but thrived despite efforts to control them. One study surmised that if 75% of the coyotes in an area are killed each year, the population could be exterminated in slightly over 50 years! You could say that shooting copyotes is much like the way combat was in Korea and Vietnam. You could kill one com-bloc grunt and he quickly gets replaced by 100 grunts!

Some of the effective means of eliminating some of the coyote population would be by poisin and airplane gunning. Poison will only work when implemented in coyote infested area's and it does have consequences that could effect other small mammals and rodents. Any type of control of this type must be done on an annual basis or the coyote will instantly bounce back, and these forms of control are highly expensive and time consuming. Studies show that areas with a lot of coyote hunting pressure, you will usually find a lot more coyotes. In areas such as National Parks and State Parks, with no hunting pressure, coyotes tend to be a lot less numerous.

I don't begrudge anyone for hunting coyotes. I've killed my share of coyotes and now try and be selective where I hunt by choosing areas where the coyote is more in direct conflict with farm animals and domestic pets. I hunt in the Mojave National Preserve (Mojave Desert) and also check with the park rangers for any sightings of diseased coyotes that may be suffering from rabbies or mange and will go in and take them out. I've always been of the opinion that you eat what you shoot. However, it's not likely that any of us are going to sit down at the dinner table and eat a coyote fillet minion! Hopefully your skinning the yote yourself or can take to a skinner or taxadermist who can utilize the fur. Remember, it's easier to skin a warm yote than it is a cold yote. I personally consider leaving behind dead coyotes on the ground poor sportsmanship and a lack of respect to 'Mother Nature' and to 'God's Creation'' (my opinion). I realize vulchers have to eat, but have yet to ever see a skinny or starving vulcher.

If we should ever completely eliminate the coyote, that would pretty much leave the rat and the cockroach. And if you think the coyote is resillent, check out the rat, as most of Western Europe hasn't forgotten the 'Black Plague' (Black Death).

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