Calling Preference

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Calling Preference

Postby SavageHunter » Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:17 am

What is your calling preference, electronics or hand calls?

I prefer to use a hand call myself, not that I have anything against electronics (I happen to own a few) but to me, I achieve the most satisfaction when I get an ole' wiley coyote convinced to come in by using a mouth call.
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Postby Woody Mortensen » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:13 pm

I prefer the hand calls like you do. However I wouldn't discount the electronic callers, because a lot of this will depend on the locale that your hunting yote's in.

The important thing is to find out what kind of prey the yote's are eating in your particular area. The first time I went out to the Mojave Desert I did a scouting trip to study the mountains, rock formations, foilage, and look for avenues where the coyote could enter and exit from. As far as wildlife went I noticed mostly snakes, lizards, kangaroo mice etc. So I determined this was what the yote's were eating. I spent the night in the desert and in the morning around 6:00 AM I got into my car and headed back. I only got a few hundred yards down this road when ahead of me were a least two-hundred jack rabbits running across the road and every which-ways. I just discovered the coyote's dinner call! Coyote's will eat some snakes and lizards but it sure isn't their preference. Bingo!

I use the 'Dog Catcher', which is a two handed operation. The calls I use are the jack rabbit or cottontail distress calls.


If you wish to practice your coyote calls you can go to Varmint Al's website, scroll down about 2/3's of the page and you will notice all the different coyote calls listed. Click onto anyone of them and hear the recorded call. Turn volume up.
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