Camp, Personal and Survival Supply Lists

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Camp, Personal and Survival Supply Lists

Postby TRMichels » Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:53 pm

Here is an excerpt from my book Hunting Northern & Western Big Game of North America.

It was compiled by Mike Brooks and myself.

Drop Camp Supply List
When you are going on a drop camp hunt, whether horseback, or fly-in most outfitters will allow you only 45# of gear per person. This will include your food, one duffel bag, sleeping bag and weapon.

1. Sleeping Bag (3# plus synthetic), sleeping pad and ground sheet or small folding cot
2. Large duffel bag
3. Rain gear or poncho
4. Orange vest and hat (gun hunters)
5. Camera, film, extra batteries, tripod
6. Two flashlights, extra batteries
7. Weather band radio, extra batteries
8. Knives (skinner and pocket), bone saw, knife sharpener
9. Weapon, hard sided case, extra ammunition
10. License, tags and hunter safety card if needed
11. Pack frame
12. Game bags
13. 48 quart cooler
14. First Aid Kit
15 Binoculars or Spotting Scope
16. Multi-Tool
17. Duct Tape
18. Water Purification Kit
19. Bow Saw, Axe/Hatchet
20. Shovel, Rake

Personal Gear List
1. Lightweight socks, underwear, handkerchiefs
2. Light and medium polypropylene underwear and socks
3. Wool/Thinsulate and Gore Tex boot liners
4. Camp shoes, lightweight water repellent boots, insulated pac boots with extra liners
5. Heavy and light jackets, pants, hats and gloves in camouflage fleece, wool or saddlecloth
6. Gore Tex and Thinsulate hat
7. Towels, toiletries
8. Medication

20# Day Pack (to be worn daily for survival)
1. Army style poncho (with grommets and snaps), garage bag or pup tent
2. 20’ of 1/4 inch rope or parachute cord
3. Two compasses, topographical map, flagging, GPS device
4. Flares, signaling whistle and mirror, two way radio
5. First aid kit and daily medication
6. Four lighters, three fire starters (Sterno, candles etc. in case wood is wet)
7. LED Headlamp
8. Survival Knife (w/ fishing line & hooks etc. in handle)
9. Space/emergency blanket
10. Extra socks and underwear
11. Heavy polypropelene underwear, sweater and stocking cap
12. Instant soup, instant chocolate, granola bars, candy bars, dried fruit
13. Cup (to heat water), 2 quart canteen of water
14. Water purification tablets
15. Bar of soap
T.R. Michels
Trinity Mountain Outdoors Hunting Magazine Website
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Postby silvertip » Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:45 pm

good list...everyone should print only suggestion is a bit more food...maybe one of those(or two) freeze dried jobs...(MRE's??)

always trying to be a man of faith I told my Sons the reason I had all my tools in my truck was to help others out if necessary...notice I said the same way having enough for someone you find or run into is good...thats why the extra food...of course this is only for the semi-full on wilderness area folks...

anyone that has spent a night away from camp or home knows the value of warmth and food...basically other than the compass and related gear this is the basis of your survival pack...

also since we are in a time of easy availability the two way radio is cool too...we use them for way less than survival conditions...but since cell phones don't always work where we hunt it is a relatively inexpensive thing to have as well...

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