Survival situations you need to know about!

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Survival situations you need to know about!

Postby Mike Brooks » Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:02 pm

7 Wilderness Survival Problems:
Cold and Heat
Boredom and Loneliness
Fear and anxiety
Pain and Injury
7 Wilderness Survival Skills:
Fire Starting
Shelter Building
Water Procurement
Foraging for food
First Aid
Self Defense
Successful deployment of the Rule of Sevens requires wilderness survival expertise and the proper survival gear, both of which can only be gained through knowledge and experience.

As your survival skills and survival gear in each of the seven basic wilderness survival skills increase, application to the seven basic wilderness survival threats will increase exponentially. This is because each of the seven basic survival skills overlaps to a greater or lesser degree into one or more of the seven wilderness survival problems.

For example by mastering the “Fire Starting” category in the survival skills list you will not only have gone far in overcoming wilderness survival problems related to “Heat and Cold”, you will also have an excellent means of alleviating “Fear and Anxiety”. This is because a fire not only produces heat and light; a campfire is also a great morale booster.

Fire can also be used to boil water to destroy disease causing organisms such as giardia (Water Procurement), to make smoke (Signaling), for cooking food (Foraging for Food), sterilization (First Aid), keeping animals and insects at bay (Self Defense), and heating shelters (Shelter Building).
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Postby 45auto » Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:01 pm

Good information!!!

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