Stocking Up on Survival Supplies that can save you!

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Stocking Up on Survival Supplies that can save you!

Postby Mike Brooks » Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:59 pm

Typical government recommendations suggest you set aside enough survival supplies to last at least 72-hours. This is the three days during which 95 percent of all survival scenarios resolve either by rescue from the outside or self extraction.

But what about surviving the other 5-percent? Anyone can get through three days with little or nothing to fall back on. However the Katrina and other longer-term disasters prove time and again that outside help, especially from bungling government agencies like FEMA, is often of the too little and too late variety. The fact is you will possibly have to provide for yourself and your family from your own store of survival supplies indefinitely until the situation resolves itself.

Imagine a survival situation that is far larger in scope the Katrina debacle. I won’t go into possible scenarios as they are being covered in a variety of survivalist websites and forums throughout the internet. But in today’s unsettled world maintaining a well stocked larder of survival gear and food makes excellent sense.

In the next several articles Survival Topics will examine in detail the survival supplies you will need, and those you don't, in order to prepare for the variety of situations you, your family, and neighborhood may encounter
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Postby 45auto » Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:02 pm

You should see my stock pile of food.

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