Kayak fishing

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Kayak fishing

Postby muleskinner » Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:27 pm

I was fishing in an area lake near Laurel Mississippi a couple weeks ago at daybreak. It is reall beautiful watching everything come to life in the mornings. I was really enjoying my talk with God that morning. I was casting but not really worried about fishing. I was just really at peace. I was just really taking in everything the sun rising the birds a singing. Then right beside me within 20 feet a full grown rabbit bailed off in the lake which was just a small canal that I was setting in only maybe 25 foot wide. The rabbit for some reason decided he wanted to swim to the other side. Ok well when he got about half way across there was this really big splash came out of the water and that rabitt was gone. I think this must to have been an alligator. I couldnt see it because it was still pretty dark and the water was making a really big splash. So then I got to thinking I only have about 5 inches of freeboard on this kayak. What could stop that alligator from attacking me. I am sure he never would. But it was still a thought. So my peacefull morning was abruptly ended I had to go back to the cabin.
Galatians 2:20
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