What 10 top items should you have on your boat?

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What 10 top items should you have on your boat?

Postby Mike Brooks » Sun May 11, 2008 6:51 am

I was wondering what items you should have on board. Me, well I know about life jackets, etc. What say you? :cool:
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Postby Carroll B » Sun May 11, 2008 1:25 pm

Various tools, signal flares, VHF radio, cell phone, GPS and/or compass, anchor and enough anchor rode for the depth of water you plan to noat in, depending on the type of engine oil and spark plug(s), depending upon the size of the boat an oar, a working bilge pump, a de-watering device (a bucket to bail with), always good to have a spare or backup battery for the motor, keys to start the engne, a drain plug that you should remember to install before launching the boat (been there done that), enough comon sense to head for port when a storm is approaching. All this is based on 50+ years of boating.
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Postby silvertip » Sun May 11, 2008 3:46 pm

there is actually a Coast Guard list that if you do not have it you will be grounded or seriously fined... here is a combo of theirs & mine...it is what I required on all my boats in my dive camp spearfishing off the coast of Panama for a few seasons...

1...(2) fire extinguishers...nothing like having a fire almost out...also at least two buckets...
2....full first aid kit...the further away from land you are(and services) the more you should have in it...and proper training...
3...GPS and compass...with charts of the area you are navigating...
4...enough lines to totally secure the vessel...extras are always good !
5...(2) anchors...being able to reduce speed is enabled by an anchor...also have it rigged and ready to go...
6....two way radio & cell phone...a back up is always good...and a travel plan posted with someone on land...
7...drinking water and rations for crew for at least one day...
8...extra fuel & oil...enough to be able to help not only yourself...but also others at Sea in distress...1/3 over what you will need min!!!
9...sounding device ....air powered horn...minimum one...two is better!!!
10...flair kit w/ multiple flairs...

11...last but not least...every person on a boat unless it is beyond a 6 person vessel should be briefed in all the gear & safety equipment on board and made knowledgeable of it...also a check of all systems and safety gear on board...a full tool & repair part kit...and the knowledge required to use them !!!...zip ties and the like are always welcome...

of course this is a kit for offshore excursions...but any trip where you will be out of sight of land...or beyond any visible inhabited structures it is a good idea...

safety is always job 1 when on the water...or at Sea...I ran an operation in Panama for a few seasons...and the items above are things I would "never leave home without"

my job was to not only provide a great experience for my clients...but also make sure we all got home safe...it was not at all a popularity contest...but an excersize in common sense and prudence...

I used to travel 40-50 miles away from our camp in a third world country...when there is no 911 you must always be prepared for the worst...and be ready if you are the skipper to enforce all rules of safety......no wimps allowed!

the absolute #1 thing on any boat is a recognized leader...that has actual nautical experience...all on board must be aware of this role and responsibilities... I had challenges to my call more than once...stock brokers and the like used to running the show need to fully understand who is in charge... my incredible skill of persuasion was my most valuable tool in our chest...LOL...being 6'3" and weighing 240 never hurt either...LOL..LOL...PTL...

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Postby 45auto » Sun May 11, 2008 5:55 pm

And there should be a couple oar's in case the motor quits.
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Postby silvertip » Sun May 11, 2008 5:56 pm

Dale thats right...it is on the coast guard list...however an oar or paddle wont do much on a bigger vessel(over 16-18 feet)......actually they call for an alternative propulsion source...LOL...t

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