Getting ready for 2008

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Getting ready for 2008

Postby Gary » Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:36 am

OK all you bike riders here we go. The old year is ending, you have ignored your bike and your legs since Thanksgiving and now it is time to get ready for bicycle season. Here are some pointers for the New Year:
Make sure that your medical exams are current and your Doctor gives you the green light.
1. Start slow and start with a prayer
2. Work on your general conditioning - start walking at a fast pace
- first do a mile and over the month of January increase to 3 miles
- Drink at least one gallon off water every day
- Cut down on fatty foods (especially desserts)
3. By the second week in January start doing some more extensive cardio-vascular exercises:
- Elliptical or treadmills for 15 minutes to start
- By the end of January try to be at 30 minutes every other day (again, please check with you doctor to make sure this is OK for you)
4. Plan on starting to ride your bike by the middle of February
- If you live in the warmer areas of the country - ride outside
- If you are in places like Colorado - put your bike on a mag-turbo

Please contact me with any questions that you might have. The next piece will be on bike tune-ups and repairs
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