Its a New Year!

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Its a New Year!

Postby Gary » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:41 am

Before you get your bike into the mechanics to make sure it survived it's layover, before you get phsyched about registering for this summer rides you should start doing two very important things:
1. Get yo annual physical and tell you physician what you are planning vis-a-vis bike riding - distance rides, mountain riding etc. This way the physician can make sure that your training regiment will be adequate and that your physical condition will safely allow those types of rides
2. Map out your training routine. You should start now. Just like planning a sermon and then executing takes ten to fifteen hour for every hour that you speak, a solid training routine started now will establish your strength and endurance for rides that will occur in June, July, etc.

Stick to it. It is time to start the summer.
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