Challenge to Parents

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Challenge to Parents

Postby Amy Fales » Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:27 am

Hi all,
With myspace, facebook, and twitter (among all the others) taking up so many teens lives, I find it hard to swallow they'd want to hang out here.

But, I imagine there are some teens that find all that stuff bothersome. Maybe everyone else is doing it, but the language and photos just don't "seem right" so they stay off those sites. If your child seems to be that way, maybe this could be their comfortable online community?

I know these COFA forums are a relief to me. I've been on many social networking sites, and various forums. The darkness and harsh words are certainly discouraging. This is a nice breath of fresh air for me. Maybe some of us have teens with similar views, but just don't realize COFA is here?

Only problem is, no one wants to sit in an empty room. We'd need several teens in here at once. Any ideas on how to co-ordinate it?
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