Pronghorn Hunting 1000 yards plus!

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Pronghorn Hunting 1000 yards plus!

Postby mortensen » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:59 pm

These are two very experienced marksman. To attain accuracy at this distance and 'one shot-one kill,' you need the right caliber, the right bullet weight and type of bullet, the right scope and I might add scope mounts. And above all, have the knowlege to utilize these ingredients. These fella's have spent a lot of time at the range.

Most hunters are famaliar with the adjustments required for distance and windage. But are we that famaliar with the adjustments required for shooting downhill or uphill? These two hunters had to make some decisions for shooting downhill.
The hoary old question of where to aim when shooting up or down hill regularly rears its head. It seems that many hunters understand that shooting at a steep angle changes the point of impact, but can't remember why or in which direction.

Excellent article by Chuck Hawks.
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