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Desert USA, Free e-mail Publication.

Postby mortensen » Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:58 pm

In North America we have four major deserts; Great Basin Desert, Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, and Chihuahuan Desert. I live in the high desert of Southern California and probably most famaliar with the Mojave Desert and Sonoran Desert. The primary desert states are California, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. However there are also desert areas found in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. The Chihuahuan, Sonoran, and Mojave deserts are called 'hot deserts.' The Great Basin Desert is called 'cold desert.'

Desert USA is a great publication that is informitive regarding hiking, camping, off-roading, animal and plant life and numerous pictures and articles.
It's free with no obligations from you.
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