Friends lost...

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Friends lost...

Postby Ironknees » Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:05 am

As a prelude, neither of the friends below were "churched" if you will excuse the expression... Now you never know about last second "death-bed" prayers of forgiveness... and seriously do not want to be judgmental.. However, Mike died instantly in an automobile accident, and Steve languished away with throat cancer, and passed away in his hospital bed at home... Steve was a news editor for NBC news in LA with a terrific job, yet lived a leather wearing, Harley riding, long hair, in your face, finger flippin' cussin' lifestyle,... I don't even know if Steve had ever been talked to about Christ... Mike and I were friends, but Steve was a beloved friend who helped me through my fathers death when he was 13, and I was 14... We were close, and I love Steve dearly... Of course, it's obvious that I just can't get my mind to wrap around the thought of either passing into darkness... It hurts more than my fingers can type into meaningful prose.

"Lord, In the past three weeks, I've lost two beloved classmates that I have known from K through 12... I've cried, I've felt empty, I've been on edge with pangs of anger and such a deep feeling of loss.. And I've needed my alone time just to let the tears flow freely without notice from any other eyes.
Please Lord Jesus, PLEASE HELP me heal... heal my broken heart.... " Through YOU Jesus I pray..." Dave
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