A weekend on the farm

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A weekend on the farm

Postby DaveHawk » Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:31 pm

Friday Saturday hunt in Va was great, weather was great lots of deer but still I have not seen the big boy but once and that was pulling in the driveway at 5 in the morning and he was standing next to the bean field. O well, plenty of deer for the freezer I stuck a small doe Saturday evening, it was either big trophy or small and taisty. As they say you can't eat horns so I let allot of nice 2.5 year olds walk and opted for tender. Mama wanted to get an arrow in her also but I passed. Things are getting exciting on the farm. I finely found the best location for bow hunting this farm. I put a stand in Friday morning about a miles back in the hard woods and as I sat there all day watching the movement the moon transit was right on and I saw the main movement crossing coming from the bottom area near the lake leading to the hard woods. I located a tree the next morning but got busted by a big old nanny so I waited till the early movement was over and about 10 AM moved my stand to a large hickory tree with plenty of yellow leaves on it still about 20 yards from the oak I was in with little cover. I climbed to about 26' giving me a good canopy of fully covered leafy branches above my head it was perfect. Old nanny came in she was still suspicious but could not find me although she looked right at me a few times but never noticed the camoed blob attached to the tree. She lead a battery of does right under me and a few young bucks that wondered in periodically through the rest of the day who went about their search for doe's. The evening hunt took me to the other side of the farm were soy beans were still standing and the area where plenty of doe's gathered for an eveing feed. After finding a small tree halfway down the field in a hedge row I cleared the poison ivy off and turned to sit and as I did I watch a small four point enter the field and he turned back towards the corner which he emerged from and a nice big 7 point entered with a hugh bowl rack estimated 18" wide and then another 4 point joined them. A doe entered and left and with her followed the bucks. Then close to last light I heard leaves being crunch close behind me and there was the nanny and her fawn looking to cross the bob wire to gain access to the beans. fatal mistake. She jumped the fence and I took aim on the fawn she took a pass through both shoulders and dropped where she stood. That event caused about 20 doe's who entered the field from the upper end to make a be-line for the hard woods at the end of the field where the bucks entered. The sound was interesting as they ran through the dry soy's about 400 yards. when all was quite I attended my kill but as I looked down the field there stood a lone doe.
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