Good hunt Saturday

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Good hunt Saturday

Postby DaveHawk » Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:10 pm

Jake and I hunted the farm in Va Saturday.
Friday I saw a big boy he was about 100 yards out and to risky of a shot, So I was content to observe his movement for my Saturday hunt. He never showed all day but I saw another really nice 8 point chasing and if the doe had brought him 20 yards closer I'd be butchering him. 50 yards is is my drop dead range.

It was a fun day yesterday with the ML'ers, Jake left on one of the safty 's on the Knight 50 cal , the thing has 3 safeties, so his deer heard the click and took off I took a small buck with my Cherry 50 cal flint lock I built, 1st deer taken with that gun. Put the bead on the throat , dead center 50 yards he dropped right there.
So another day butchering and making jerky while listing to football.
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