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It Was Worth It

Posted on March 1, 2014 by Gary Fultz

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Overheard on this Boundary Water campsite, “Bob would have liked this!”thomascampsite

The Problem with Bob was my constant second guessing myself on pouring so much time into a broken teenager growing the wrong way. Layers of funny covered this hurting kid.  Was it worth it? Was He worth it? That was my question 30 years ago. Some of his teachers and the local fast food places didn’t think so.  A military stint in the Gulf War, a few years and then a 7 page letter from a whole new Bob reconnected us. He had a new-found relationship with God, Seemed at peace, was focused and still funny, was a radio DJ, and was involved with youth work. I could not have imagined this potential in the kid I knew as Bob.

We went to Bob’s wedding. Bob went with me to Boundary Waters and provided his ever-present and much more mature humor. Bob had become a man and a friend who loved God, others, and himself as well. Our lives intertwined and my circle of outdoor friends became his before he moved and disappeared.

I found Bob last year on a posted obituary. My wife broke up our silent grief by saying  “It was worth it”. We have come to the conclusion that if we spent seven tough years in  community youth work with Youth For Christ, Bob alone was worth our mentoring investment in him and his crazy influence on who we are today. I miss my friend Bob. He still owes me a Boundary Water fry pan.


Bob is partly responsible for a life style of intentional growth as a person.

I now work for a company with very high work culture standards (Peragon). We influence our suppliers, venders, and anyone who walks in the door. We often hear the word “WOW” when people walk in the door.  Part of my job is bringing employees up to our work culture standard which influences their home, relationships, and community life. Our productivity level is very high and product the very best. This only comes by being intentional. Some intentional ingredients for me are: 1) Accountability partners, 2) Books, 3) Blogs, 4) Videos, 5) Seminars, 6) Workshops, 7) Retreat Getaways 8) Wilderness Camping

The following is a small sample from my personal Word File of how we keep becoming the person those around us want to see and emulate. Spend the time to look at these.

Mentorship Tools: Creating a Culture of Excellence  

Starting With Me

1) Read this blog by Kristen Lamb:


2) Watch “Give em the Pickle” by Bob Farrell – Customer Service Training

3) Read My Story:

4) The Importance of Forgiveness:  QUOTE (Corrie ten Boom) – Feb 28

I still ask myself this question for my own accountability; “Is what you are doing right now really worth it?” What would our culture look like if we as individuals understood and practiced some of the principles in these four areas of our lives? Send me links to things that have helped you in the comments section….Gary

Gary is the Fall Retreat coordinator for COFA and an avid outdoorsman who often leads trips to the Boundary Waters along the Canadian border. For more information on the Fall Retreat visit the link on our Home page on the tab above. For more blog posts from Gary, visit his page at